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As a local public works agency headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the Franklin County Engineer's Office is responsible for the maintenance and construction of 271 miles of county roadway and 351 county bridges, as well as upkeep of all county ditches, drains, retention basins, and other storm water facilities within the right-of-way of county roads in unincorporated areas. To meet the continuing development and infrastructure needs of Franklin County, the Engineer's Office utilizes the latest technologies for determining and maintaining roadway centerlines and boundaries; retracing and setting new monuments for original public land surveys; preparing geographic information system mapping for real estate tax assessments; and establishing precise countywide horizontal and vertical control to maintain uniformity in construction, surveying, and mapping.

Franklin County Engineer's Office
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Chief Deputy of Operations

Chief Deputy of Operations


As one of three primary assistants to the County Engineer, the Chief Deputy of Operations oversees and manages all aspects of Bridge and Highway Maintenance, Building and Grounds Maintenance, Construction Services, Fleet Maintenance, Information Systems, and the Utilities Department. The Chief Deputy of Operations also assists the County Engineer in determining priorities, approving operational plans, signing correspondence and legal documents, completing performance appraisals, approving leave time, and purchases. The Chief Deputy of Operations is responsible for monitoring progress on projects and maintaining compliance with policies and procedures for all operational functions.