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As a local public works agency headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the Franklin County Engineer's Office is responsible for the maintenance and construction of 271 miles of county roadway and 351 county bridges, as well as upkeep of all county ditches, drains, retention basins, and other storm water facilities within the right-of-way of county roads in unincorporated areas. To meet the continuing development and infrastructure needs of Franklin County, the Engineer's Office utilizes the latest technologies for determining and maintaining roadway centerlines and boundaries; retracing and setting new monuments for original public land surveys; preparing geographic information system mapping for real estate tax assessments; and establishing precise countywide horizontal and vertical control to maintain uniformity in construction, surveying, and mapping.
Franklin County Engineer
Franklin County Engineer
As we conclude Black History Month, we recognize the Alaska Highway Veterans who were a group of nearly 4,000 African American Soldiers in the United States Army Corps of Engineers who helped build the Alaska Highway in 1942 under a tight schedule and rough climate conditions.
Franklin County Engineer
Franklin County Engineer is with Franklin County Sheriff's Office.
#TeamFCEO attended the Franklin County Treasurer's Office Annual Black History Month Celebration. The theme, African Americans and the Arts: How Black Creatives are Shaping the Narrative, supports the work and contributions of local artists in the community.
Franklin County Engineer
Franklin County Engineer
A huge shoutout to the incredible crews who worked tirelessly this morning to clear away the aftermath of the storm! Your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. Our community is safer and more resilient, thanks to your efforts. #TeamFCEO
Franklin County Engineer
Franklin County Engineer
Taylor Station Road between Taylor Road and Havens Corners Road is now open to traffic.
Franklin County Engineer
Franklin County Engineer
#TeamFCEO participated in a panel discussion titled “Reimagining an Inclusive Equitable Future in Transportation” hosted by Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) and COMTO Columbus (Conference of Minority Transportation Officials) to discuss how to make our growing region even more inclusive. The event was informative and engaging.
Franklin County Engineer
Franklin County Engineer
Taylor Station Road between Taylor Road and Havens Corners Road is closed due to down power lines and a vehicle crash. The road will remain closed until repairs are made the road is clear for travel.
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Lane Avenue Bridge Partners

Lane Avenue Bridge Partners

Lane Avenue Bridge Franklin County Engineer’s Office

Dean C. Ringle, P.E., P.S., County Engineer

Mark Sherman, P.E., Chief Deputy Engineer

James Pajk, P.E., Bridge Design Engineer

Cornell Robertson, P.E., Highway Design Engineer & Project Engineer

Scott Roe, P.E., Assistant Bridge Engineer & Project Engineer

Ralph Crabb, P.E., Construction Engineer

Mike Bashore, P.E., Assistant Construction Engineer

Richard Cardi, Project Inspector

Gary St. Clair, Project Inspector

Franklin County Commissioners

Dewey R. Stokes

Arlene Shoemaker

Mary Jo Kilroy

Regional Government Agencies

Ohio Public Works Commission, Federal Highway Administration

County Engineers Association of Ohio, Ohio Department of Transportation

Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, City of Columbus

General Contractor

C.J. Mahan Construction Company


Baker Welding | Bale Contracting, Inc | Barbee Tree Co., Inc. | C.J. Bridge Co.

Delta Erecting, Inc. | Jess Howard Electic Co. | Kneisel Contracting Corp.

On-Site Stud Welding, Inc. | Paul Peterson Co. | Shelly & Sands, Inc. | Zuber Landscaping

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Jones-Stuckey, Ltd., Inc. (Bridge) | msconsultants, inc. (Intersection)


Brilliant Lighting Design | Kinzelman/Kline | Material Joining Consultants

Robert Fuller & Associates | Stock & Stone Architects