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As a local public works agency headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the Franklin County Engineer's Office is responsible for the maintenance and construction of 271 miles of county roadway and 351 county bridges, as well as upkeep of all county ditches, drains, retention basins, and other storm water facilities within the right-of-way of county roads in unincorporated areas. To meet the continuing development and infrastructure needs of Franklin County, the Engineer's Office utilizes the latest technologies for determining and maintaining roadway centerlines and boundaries; retracing and setting new monuments for original public land surveys; preparing geographic information system mapping for real estate tax assessments; and establishing precise countywide horizontal and vertical control to maintain uniformity in construction, surveying, and mapping.
Franklin County Engineer
Franklin County Engineer is with Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District.3 days ago
As we close out #StormwaterAwarenessWeek, we'd like to highlight a program that promotes backyard conservation practices by offering reimbursements for rain barrels, compost bins and native plants and trees. Please visit to learn more!
Franklin County Engineer
Franklin County Engineer is with Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District.4 days ago
It’s important that everyone GET INVOLVED to help protect our rivers and streams. Take a look at a few of the ways you can help protect Central Ohio waterways. For more information visit #ValueWater #StormwaterAwarenessWeek
Franklin County Engineer
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Join us for a public meeting to discuss the proposed improvement of Clark State Road at Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road.

Date: Thursday, October 11, 2018
Location: New Horizons Community Church
2100 Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road
Blacklick, Ohio 43004
Franklin County Engineer
Franklin County Engineer5 days ago
Can you imagine a day without water? No water to take a shower, drink or to make coffee. Businesses and hospitals would close, life as we know it would not exist. water is one of the most important resources on the planet, so let’s protect it! Visit and learn what you can do to help. #ValueWater
Franklin County Engineer
Franklin County Engineer5 days ago
Today we bring you a special edition of #WorkerWednesday. Meet Kenton McLaughlin our newest “Project Engineer”. Kenton lives near our Thoburn Rd. project and gets up early each morning before school, puts on his safety gear and heads outside to watch the crews work. According to his mom, he doesn’t need an alarm clock, he simply wakes when he hears the crews arrive. He was inquisitive and polite, it was our pleasure to get to know such a great young man. Keep up the good work, Kenton! We look forward to you joining #TeamFCEO when you get older.
Franklin County Engineer
Franklin County Engineer is at Franklin County Board of Commissioners.6 days ago
County Engineer Cornell R. Robertson would like to thank the Board of Commissioners for passing a resolution to recognize Stormwater Awareness Week. Thanks to Jennifer Fish & her team at Franklin Soil and Water for the work that they do to educate the public on stormwater issues.

Franklin County Engineer's Office
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Road Map – 2017-2019 Edition – NOW AVAILABLE

For those wishing to pick up a road map on the run, there is a distribution box located in our front parking lot at 970 Dublin Road that is accessible from your vehicle 24 hours a day.

View Online

The Franklin County Folded Road Map can be obtained, free of charge, at all of the Franklin County Engineer’s Offices:

Main Office

970 Dublin Road

(614) 525-3030

Tax Map Office

373 South High Street, 19th Floor

(614) 525-3084

West Maintenance Facility

4444 Fisher Road

(614) 525-6780

East Maintenance Facility

4801 Hendron Road

(614) 525-6803

A complementary print-version of the Franklin County Atlas can be given from our headquarters lobby at 970 Dublin Road, and the Tax Map Office at 373 South High Street, on the 19th floor, free of charge. They are a useful guide for traveling around the county.

Learn more

Modern Roundabouts of Franklin County

2012-2014 Edition

The Franklin County Road Map can be obtained, free of charge, through the Engineer’s Offices and at various county, municipal, township, and state facilities. Our Surveying Department has gathered information from numerous public entities such as the Franklin County Auditor’s Office, Metro Parks, Ohio Department of Transportation, and City of Columbus to create the most accurate and comprehensive road map. About 1,250 changes were made to our land and highway record data base since the publication of the 2009 edition.

The five-color 44-inch wide and 37-inch tall road map shows over 12,000 public roads, which are listed in the street locator index, and the locations of 1,000 points of interest such as airports, fire departments, government buildings, high schools, hospitals, police departments, post offices, shopping centers, and universities. Also shown are regional street address numbers that are useful in locating specific addresses.

For more information about the road map, or to suggest revisions, please contact Ben McCown, GIS Manager. To obtain a State of Ohio Map, please go to the Ohio Department of Transportation Maps Resource Page.

Historical Maps and Information

Historical maps of Franklin County dating back to 1842, as well as township maps, road record books, subdivision plats, private surveys, county road construction plans, and county road right-of-way plans are housed in the Records Management Office of the Surveying Department. Copies of these records and others are available to the public free of charge or for a nominal fee. Most can be obtained in both hardcopy or digital formats.

For more information, please contact Teel Slike, Records Manager at (614) 525-3045.