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Here are some important home and garden tips from the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District that we hope you will consider to protect our water resources:


Keep your trash can area clean. Litter can blow into a nearby waterway and pollute our creeks.

Keep your lawn and yard clippings away from gutters and storm drains. Clippings that end up in creeks decompose in the water and rob the aquatic life of oxygen.

Minimize the use of fertilizers and pesticides in your garden. If you must use them, choose less-toxic alternatives. Apply in dry weather and water sparingly after use in order to keep fertilizers and pesticides in the garden.

Dispose of animal waste properly, flush it down the toilet or throw it in the trash can.  

Parking Area & Garage


Keep your yard, household, and automotive chemicals stored in a cool, dry place without leaks. Household toxic waste must be recycled or properly disposed of to prevent pollution.

Use a broom instead of a hose to clean parking areas. After using kitty litter or other absorbent material to soak up auto leaks on concrete, sweep and dispose of it properly.

Recycle used oil, antifreeze, oil filters and other household toxics. For household hazardous waste collection drive dates call 1-866-954-8837 or visit

When possible, use a commercial car wash. These businesses recycle the water and have ways to clean the runoff.

Consider using little or no soap (even biodegradable soaps don't break down soon enough to avoid killing organisms in the creeks). Try to wash on gravel or grass.

Dispose of extra soapy water in a sink or toilet.

Home Improvement Projects

On Concrete: Sweep up concrete, aggregate and other dust and waste materials for disposal in the garbage. Do not rinse down the gutter or driveway. Concrete mixes have chemicals that will poison creek life.

On Paint: Rinse any latex paint contaminated brushes and rollers in the sink, not out of doors (send it to the sanitary treatment plant and not the creek). Take paint thinner, solvents, and other chemicals to a household toxics disposal facility.

On barbecues: Avoid cleaning grills onto paved areas that can be rinsed into gutters and creeks. Burnt food buildup on the grill is poisonous to animals in the creek, even in low concentrations.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to protect our environment. For more information, please contact the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District (1328 Dublin Road, Suite 101, Columbus, Ohio 43215) at (614) 486-9613 or visit their web site at



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